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Day Two: Pray, Read, Reflect

Posted By at Thursday, March 07, 2019

FaithSpring’s 40-day Lent Challenge 2019

Day 2, Thursday, March 7:Begin to Pray, Read the Bible, and Reflect upon God

We’re off and running, so to speak, into the dark wilderness of Lent.  If you gave something up for Lent, good for you!  If you didn’t, that’s okay because today’s challenge is the best way to start.  Today’s challenge is to begin praying, reading the Bible, and reflecting on God.

Even if we don’t do anything else during Lent, incorporating these three things in our daily lives will yield big-time results. Spending time talking with God in prayer just makes sense.  We might compare this to having a good, long discussion with a parent or mentor. Sometimes they just sit there listening while we pour our guts out to them, and when they finally do speak, their words command our full attention.

Reading the Bible also makes sense because it is a never-ending catalog of stories and advice that covers every topic under the sun (and even a few topics beyond the sun!).  The Bible is also the written record of God’s Word, which by itself, is a rather big deal.

Just as communication with God is important, it’s also important to spend some time just thinking about God.  It can be in the mornings when we wake up and see the birds outside or when we look up into the sky in the evenings.  God is all around us and paying attention to God can provide a wealth of information and resources.

What else is God calling you to do this Lenten season?  Whatever your “else” might be, try to include Praying, reading the Bible, and reflecting upon God in your daily commute in life.  A focus on each of these might just remove the need for you to do anything else.

“So faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the word of Christ” (Romans 5:17, NRSV).