Students (6th – 12th grade)

Our student ministry is many things and as diverse as the teens and tweens that share together! Field trips, bible studies, mission trips, on and off-campus activities, summer mission trips, retreats, lock-ins…It’s exciting, it’s always changing, and it’s the place you find YOUR place! Any questions you have or want to know more, contact our Pastor of Students and Families, Kime Eubanks ([email protected]). 

Sunday Morning FaithGroups

Every Sunday morning at 9:15 a.m., students gather to dive deeper into the morning message with bible study on the sermon passage, biblical reflection, and conversation on current events and culture. This is a relaxed setting to see where faith and life collide and get some background to better understand the sermon message for morning worship.

Sunday Student Time

From 5:30 to 7:00 each Sunday afternoon, students get together for games, snack dinner, small group study, and music. Throughout the semester we periodically get off campus for high-energy fun and our music time varies from student worship to preparations of our summer Music and Mission Trip. Grab a friend and join us!

Wednesday Night Explosion

The doors open at 5:30 p.m.for a little fellowship before our 6:00 time of prayer and Bible Study. This is a break in our weekly routine to refresh, refocus, connect, and laugh, but also for our older youth to mentor our younger as we learn how to live our faith together.  Pick-up at 7:00pm.                

Service Opportunities

Students are in service locally and across the state. They help with service projects or missions with a variety of charitable organizations in central Arkansas and will help supply the needs of needy families with school supplies, canned goods and other requested items throughout the year.

Music and Mission Tour

Music is important to our students, especially in sharing God with others in an innovative, out of the box mission trip each summer. FaithSpring students develop original productions each year, which we take on the road to bring hope through music, interaction, and service with our Music and Mission Tour. Contact Kim Johnson to connect!

Confirmation Class

What does it mean to be a Christian?  Why did Jesus have to die?  What is communion?  How do I know the bible is real?  

All of us consider these questions (and more) at some point in life.  "Confirmation Class" follows the tradition of the Christian church to allow exploration and understanding of all aspects of our faith.  At FaithSpring, we offer this learning together so that our students are able to fully understand why we believe what we believe.  Were you baptized as a small child?  Confirmation explores what that meant and why we make our own Profession of Faith as we mature.  Do you desire to be baptized?  Through the Confirmation experience, students are able to fully explore this decision and blessing.  Participants meet on select Sunday afternoons before Student Time at 4:15pm.  Contact Pastor  Brock Patterson to connect with this opportunity.  

Friday Night Live Monthly Hangout

In addition to our regular weekly events and special weekends, FaithSpring knows that sometimes kids just need a safe place to be kids!  Once a month, we open the doors for our students to just hang out with friends.  Wii games or board games, Flashlight Hide and Seek, Karaoke, Nerf Wars, or just talking, this is always a time that our students (especially middle school) look forward to enjoying and inviting their friends!

Created by God

God made everything and God said creation was good! FaithSpring is committed to helping students and their families navigate all the pieces of adolescence, including puberty and sexuality. "Created by God" is offered for 4th - 8th grade students each fall to give teens and 'tweens a healthy perspective. Contact Pastor Kim ([email protected]) to be a part of this open and relaxed conversation alongside pastors, physicians and counselors through curriculum designed for them.